Anesthesia - Respiratory Hersil

Country : Spain

Established in 1973 by one of the pioneers of the sector in Spain, Benjamín Herranz, HERSILL has extensive experience as a manufacturer of medical equipment.

Our eagerness for technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer serviceand the tireless work of many years, has allowed us to position ourselves solidly in the competitive and demanding world market of medical devices.

We design and manufacture devices of the highest quality and with the most modern technology, making them available to medical and health professionals, helping them to treat ailments and take care of people’s health.

We help to maintain in the long term the prestige and invaluable trust that health professionals place in our company.

We provide maximum benefit to the health of patients treated with our products.

We promote the satisfaction and prosperity, both economically and profesionally and personally, of our customers and suppliers, as well as the staff working at HERSILL and its partners.

To face this challenge, HERSILL counts on an excellent team of professionals and collaborators, depositaries of an extensive know-how and competence in the performance of its mission, working together with the same mission and vision, under a single premise, OUR VALUES.

Responsibility. We meet commitments and develop the skills to do so.

Eagerness. We feel involved in a common project: achieving our VISION.

Excellence. We work with a criterion of continuous improvement.