Jahan Gostaresh Tejarat Company has been active in production, importation and after-sales service of medical equipment for almost 30 years now, with the support of its scientific team.

The equipping department of Jahan Gostaresh Tejarat co. is ready to provide services and consultations to all public and private medical centers, imaging centers, limited surgery centers, general and specialized clinics and Emergency centers in accordance with the latest standards of the Ministry of Health.

The company is ready to provide below-mentioned services to medical centers:

  • Review of architectural plans for optimization
  • To provide capacity measurement of hospital equipment based on the standards of equipping and developing a safe hospital
  • To provide medical equipment layout plans (MEP)
  • To compile the list of medical equipment based on the standards of the Ministry of Health
  • To provide specific installation requirements for medical equipment based on reference standards of the Ministry of Health (Safe Hospital Planning and Design Standard Book)
  • To prepare and compile project schedule
  • To prepare room-by-room lists
  • To carry out the process of purchasing goods
  • To monitor equipment setup
  • Management and maintenance of medical equipment